We are a group.Ready to shout loudly our PUNK akwardness and  SKA Happyness we have inside, and just this is enought to make us funny.

Everything born in a park of a pub, was just a game, with the simple idea  to give ourself a challenge and create something to be proud for. Since years this game had become a solid group of friends, that has to tell a lot of things and says it so luod. After a lot of changeing, people who came to play and people who went away, we arrived to our last and definitive formation.


We are JHONNY, vocals; BECCO, main guitar and second vocals; STRIO, rhythm guitar and chores; TIA, Bass; and TONY PACATI, drummer. Often we test some new sounds, like Trumpets, triangle and banjos.

“E non ti preoccupare che i Crushed Cans son qua

Canna Punk e Birra Ska”

We are so much  happy to play everywhere and we can easily contact some other groups to help us, like the myths WATER TOWER.

Our CD “Scusa Mamma” raised out the 11th of October 2017 and collects our works, from the oldest “Scoparti l’Anima” to the new and album’s header “Attenzione Rischio Prole”.


We want to gift people some new feeling: CRUSHED FEEL OF LIFE!

CRUSHED CANS drink and, obviously, crush cans at all. Crush cans means don’t give up and don’t stay fixed into the past but go ahead without turn back.